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Our concept...

Gran Inka was created with the purpose of connecting the diverse people of Miami through the unique lens of Peruvian cuisine. Our restaurants combine traditional flavors with modern techniques and unexpected twists to create exciting menues that are just as healthy as they are flavorful!

Gran Inka believes in bringing people together in vibrant and dynamic venues to create lasting memories over satiated stomachs. Our team is dedicated to using the freshest ingredients and a modern take on classic culinary techniques to showcase the flavors and dishes of Peru. The menus are designed to be as varied as the cultures and ecosystems of Peru, but also as diverse and exciting as Miami!

Peruvian cuisine responds to its environment – an immense Pacific coast crashing against the mirage of the desert, leading up to some of the tallest peaks in the Andes mountains, and then falling back down into the dense, lush Amazon. Over centuries, the original inhabitants of Peru and their vast civilizations created an array of dishes from this tremendous biodiversity and the cuisine has continued to evolve with the myriad of cultures who have come to call the country home – Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, African, and others.


Our culinary creations are a homage to the Peruvian tradition of gathering together over exquisite meals, sharing food and drinks, while making memories. Our dishes are meant to be communal and the staff will be happy to guide you through the dining and beverage experience – transitioning from cold to warm in an explosion of flavors, textures, and sensations.

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From the Press



This is my go-to place for Peruvian food in Key Biscayne. Love the cilantro ceviche, conchitas a la permesana a must and of course the pulpo al olivo. Highly recommend!


Google Reviews

The food was amazing and also the service !! The server walked us through the menu and the recommendations of the day in a delightful manner. She was friendly and patient with us, and made our experience even better.


The Food Reporter

The food here is just fantastically gorgeous! It's a great place to eat and drink! Thank you so much!

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