The Incas conquered many parts of America; and following the same path; the INKA restaurants are conquering America nowadays. As a result, an International franchise of Peruvian cuisine has been developed.

Twelve years have passed, 4 countries have been occupied and thousands of clients have been satisfied over the years, becoming loyal customers that visit us every week. The mystical ambiance complemented by the excellent service and the enchanting flavors create a sensual experience, which transmits not only the gastronomy of Peru but also its culture.

The variety, the lusciousness and the distinctive blend of flavors of Peruvian food served in an elegant way created the perfect fusion for the birth of 14 restaurants.

Fresh ingredients combined with the best quality of Peruvian products produce an intense taste and aroma, which is also very healthy. For all these reasons, our culinary art is recognized in the International scene and will keep expanding all over world.